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Birthdate:Jun 29
I'm a student with a passion for brains, psychology, chemistry, and How Stuff Works, in a primarily people-doing-things sense. I seek understanding anywhere and everywhere, and most of what I do is somehow to that end. Figuring things out really gets me off. My goal is medical school, followed by years of torture, followed by something that resembles psychiatry but is less pill-pusher more holistic therapist.

My journal largely consists of me processing about myself, others, relationships, and the world, with the occasional foray into philosophy, humor, or day-to-day mundanity.

Interests (115):

aesthetics, air hockey, alias, american beauty, american idol, angel, art, barenaked ladies, battlestar galactica, behavior, beyond the sea, billy joel, bobby darin, bon jovi, bones, brains, breakfast at tiffany's, buffy the vampire slayer, castle, chocolat, closer, coffee, cognition, cognitive therapy, cooking, counting crows, dancing with the stars, dollhouse, dreams, dropkick murphys, eminem, epiphany, erica jong, erotica, eternity, ethics, etymology, fergie, fight club, firefly, genetics, gilmore girls, grey's anatomy, hope, house, humanism, imagination, introspection, james taylor, jason mraz, jim butcher, jonathan coulton, joss stone, joy, keith urban, knitting, leonard cohen, linguistics, lost, love, magic, making lists, mark knopfler, mary poppins, matchbox 20, metallica, neuropsychology, neuroscience, nickelback, nina simone, nora roberts, old man's war, orson scott card, partnership, passion, patricia cornwell, perception, philosophy, pink, playing clarinet, psychology, rascal flatts, reading, relationships, remembering useless data, richard bach, robert heinlein, robin hobb, sam phillips, sarah mclachlan, sean panting, shawn mullins, sj tucker, skee ball, spider robinson, spirituality, steel beach, stephen king, sue grafton, swingtown, synchronicity, the all-american rejects, the commodores, the maltese falcon, the philosopher kings, the princess bride, the unoriginal sinner and the ice cream god, theology, tom robbins, transhumanism, under the tuscan sun, understanding, veronica mars, words, writing

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